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Hsin-Yi Kathy Cheng

Hsin-Yi Kathy Cheng

Associate prof., Graduate Institute of Early Intervention

Director, Center of Innovation and incubation

Chang Gung University

Email: kcheng@mail.cgu.edu.tw


          PHD in Mechanical Engineering

             2004 Aug – 2008 May            Chang-Gung University                 TaoYuan, Taiwan

            Areas of concentration:

Design & clinical application of assistive devices, Biomechanics of lower extremity, Movement analysis of the disabled.

          Master of Science in Motor Control and Learning

           1996 Aug – 1999 Jul               University of Pittsburgh               Pittsburgh, PA

            Areas of concentration:

Motor control and learning, Neuroscience, Balance and postural control, Exercise design & training for normal & disabled children 

        Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

           1989 Aug - 1993 Apr              National Taiwan University         Taipei, Taiwan


Licensed Physical Therapist

-Board of Physical Therapy in Taiwan                                   Taiwan, ROC

               -Board of Physical Therapy in Pennsylvania                         PA, USA

           -Board of Physical Therapy in New York                                  NY, USA


                Physical Therapist                                                                                          

                - Pittsburgh Specialty Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.                                 Jul 2000 – Jun 2002

                - South Hills Health System-Home Health Agency, Pittsburgh, PA. Jul 1999 – Jun 2000

                - NovaPro, Pittsburgh, PA (PRN)                                                             Jun 1999 – Jun 2002

                - Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan               May 1993 -- Apr 1996

                - National Art College, Taipei, Taiwan                                                  Apr 1995 -- Sep 1995



Assistive technology/Medical engineering/Biomechanics/Motor development and motor control /Physical therapy


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  1. Lin CL, Cheng HYK, Liu HL, Kuo CH, “Range-of-motion adjustable dynamic joint stretch splint”, Taiwan invention patent. 2011/06/11(Patent No.: I343252).


NSC projects

  1. MOST103-2221-E-182-048: “Design and develop an assistive technology indexing system based on the functional needs of the disabled”, 2014/8/1-2015/7/31. Principle investigator.
  2. NSC102-2218-E-002 -010 –: "患者自控式下肢癱瘓者交替式助動步行矯具", 2013/8/1-2014/7/31. Co-principal investigator.
  3. NSC102- NSC 102-2622-E-182-004-CC2:” The development & application of sustained drug release elastic tape”, 2013/6/1-2014/8/31. Principal investigator.
  4. NSC102-2410-H-182-020:’’Effects of martial art training and ball activities  on visuomotor skills in children’’ , 2013/08/01-2014/07/31. Co-principal investigator
  5. NSC102-2218-E-002-010–:’’Self-controlled lower limb reciprocal walking orthosis’’ , 2013/08/01-2014/07/31. Co-principal investigator.
  6. NSC101-2410-H-179-015:” Role and function of the anti-tipping device during serving in wheelchair tennis”, 2012/08/01-2013/07/31. Co-principal investigator
  7. NSC99-2314-B-182-008-MY2:”Effects of repetitive passive movement on lower extremity muscle tone and function in children with cerebral palsy”, 2010/8/1-2012/7/31. Principal investigator.
  8. NSC97-2314-B-182-038-MY2:”Development and clinical evaluation of a second-generation dynamic foot stretch splint”, 2008/11/1-2010/8/31. Principal investigator.


Other projects

  1. ‘’Needs analyses for the disabled year 2014, Taoyuan County’’, 2014/06/12-2014/12/31. Co-principal investigator. Taoyuan County Government Social Welfare Bureau.
  2. GMRPD1C0071: The development of Child Development Checklist multimedia system and its clinical evaluation. 2013/06/28-2013/12/24. Principal investigator. Department of Health, Taipei City Government.
  3. SCRPD1C0021: The design and validation of individual-based exercise instruction video. 2013/3/20-12/31. Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan.
  4. CMRPD1D0131: The impact of ergonomic risk factors on work-related musculoskeletal disorders in special education personnel. 2014/1/1-2015/8/31. Principal investigator. Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital.
  5. CMRPD1A0691-2: Effects of a computer program prototype for visuo-perceptual screening in children with developmental coordination disorder. 2012/7/1-2014/6/30. Principal investigator. Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital.
  6. CMRPD190292: Effects of biaxial pen on writing biomechanics among preschool and early elementary school children, 2011/6/1-2012/5/31. Principal investigator. Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital.
  7. CMRPD190291: Effects of biaxial pen on writing biomechanics among preschool and early elementary school children, 2010/6/1-2011/5/31. Principal investigator. Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital.
  8. EZRPD180311: Development and clinical evaluation of a second-generation dynamic foot stretch splint, 2009/8/1-2010/7/31. Principal investigator. Ministry of Education.



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