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About us

Features In response to the great needs in early intervention specialists as stated within families with special needs children, social welfare and governmental policies, the mission of this program of our institute is to provide students with in-depth knowledge of early intervention, esp. in the field of medicine and education and the integration of these two. With the generous resources from our university and the Chang-Gung medical systems, we are the first and only early intervention program that demonstrates a distinguishing feature in medicine. Our curriculum emphasizes the integration of early intervention theories and practices. The institute also devotes to teaching, research development, and social services.

The aims of the program are as follows:

  1. To cultivate advanced early intervention, specialists
  2. To integrate early intervention theories and practices, with an emphasis on medicine
  3. To promote research in the field of early intervention



  • To cultivate advanced early intervention specialists, promote early intervention knowledge and practice, and devote to clinical research of early intervention Mid-term.

  • To integrate our institute and related department and institute within the university and Chang-Gung medical system to establish early intervention science research center.

  • To promote integrated research by establishing integrated research groups.

To promote evidence-based medicine and integrated research with related professionals, and encourage inter-organizational research cooperation, both domestically and internationally.


We strive for the quality of teaching and the excellence of research in the areas of early intervention. By the integration between medical and educational professions, we cultivate advanced specialists in the practical and research areas of early intervention. We hope this program provides a platform for academic and clinical organizations in facilitating institutional cooperation and transdisciplinary researches. Our institute will function as a leader in the field of early intervention in Taiwan.